Our story

Born from innovation, Tiny Spark have adapted, iterated and grown as part of the wider group and beyond.

Our story
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Born from innovation

With the world having to adapt digitally at a rapid pace during Covid-19, Ignition, a market leading events agency that is part of the Istoria Group, had to reimagining what was possible for exhibitions, events and brand experiences.

Tiny Spark were born right in the heart of that furnace, bringing together an expert and experienced digital team to respond to transformative change driven by the global pandemic that threatened the industry. This recruitment brought a vast array of expertise in digital strategy and production who were able to create virtual and hybrid exhibitions and events that provided both measurable and memorable experiences.

How we did it

The transformation needed to be quick as the service-offering pivot needed to meet the vast demand, so we concentrated on three key areas:

A strategic approach

To ensure the service offering was different from competitors, it was crucial we offered bespoke customer journeys for our clients that were designed to engage their target audience with captivating content, compelling their visitors to act throughout their virtual events.


Intelligent design

Design should be smart. We created unique immersive environments suited to each target audience. Incorporating visual impact and functionality that provided an interesting customer experience where engagement is retained throughout the journey.

Measurement & insight

We’re in the era of personalisation and we leveraged user interaction and data collection to enhance the digital experiences we created, by showing delegates the virtual event was made for them.

Applying our expertise

Applying our expertise

In the past two years we have helped Ignition transform; developing a complete digital experience and hybrid event capability, as well as creating multiple ways to help their existing clients get more value from their digital spend.

Following on from that success, we are now offering our services outside of the Group clients to other brands, working under Tiny Spark as a specialist digital agency working independently (but still part) of the wider group. We can now offer the same digital expertise to help clients get more from digital, faster.

Our key people

  • Anton McCoy
    Head of Technology
    Anton has worked in the digital agency world for over 20 years. His background includes working with the BBC, the UK Home Office, HMRC, the Healthcare Commission and Kia. Anton’s mission is to make digital offerings accessible, usable and suitable for all, with end-user needs and requirements in mind at all times.
  • Helen Mitchell
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Helen has over 20 years’ experience in client services, having led a number of award-winning accounts including Google, Barbour and UPS. Helen is dedicated to making a difference and looking for strategic and creative solutions to produce great outputs that all can be proud of.
  • Alex Saxon
    Managing / Digital Director
    From strategy to implementation, Alex heads up the digital team of thinkers, innovators and technologists. He uses his 23 years’ experience to combine craft and creativity, ensuring our projects have both form and function and place the audience at the heart of everything we do.
  • Sam St Aubyn
    Senior Developer
    With over six years of experience as a Frontend Web Developer and a foundation in graphic design, Sam’s development is centred within design. He brings this into play with contemporary web development technologies and a dedicated focus on the utilisation of modern frameworks and technologies to construct interactive and compelling digital experiences.
  • Claire Marshall
    Account Director
    Claire has extensive experience in multi-sector digital marketing and solutions from over 20 years in client services. Predominantly SEO, personalisation, web and app development and strategy. Claire is dedicated to client satisfaction and looking for strategic and digital solutions to solve a challenge or meet a business need.
  • Chloe Marquand
    Chloe has worked on an array of projects for the likes of Nescafé, Man City, Vitality Health and Starbucks, working on website, app, animation and branding projects.
  • Ben Laine-Toner
    DX Lead
    With over 18 years’ experience working across QA, BA and UX, Ben’s focus is on the digital experience that users have with all of the digital things that we make. The combination of analytical and creative thinking helps him to design with logic; ensuring the balance of what we design delights the users and meets our client’s business objectives for all that we build.
  • Lucy Cherry
    Business Director
    Lucy’s role as Business Director at Tiny Spark is to build relationships with the companies and organisations that we would love to partner with. Having worked with creative and digital agencies for over 20 years, networking and developing relationships is what she loves doing the most. She has been featured for 3 years running in the BD100 list, is listed in Creative Pool's top 25 Business Development Director list.

Our experience

Our team has a real depth and breadth of experience, having worked with brands across the world on everything from global marketing campaigns to internal communications. Along the way, we’ve created CRM systems, training aids, interactive video chatbots, reward and recognition platforms – and much more besides.

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