Micro-interactions | Things that make you go oohhhh!

Micro-interactions are used everywhere. When used well, they can provide reinforcement of a brand, improve the UX experience, increase user engagement and also give us a warm fuzzy feeling inside!

What is a micro-interactions I hear you ask? Well, micro-interactions are trigger like actions within a website or user interface that add reinforcement to what the user is doing. Quite simply they are short animations that happen when a user interacts with a digital design system. Good well thought out micro-interactions will humanise interactions and provide a joy that will ensure users will return to your app, website or interface time and time again. 

We have found some inspirational examples to share with you of some micro-interactions

Happy/Sad Toggle switch

A user interface toggle switch which demonstrates the visual feedback given to the user for both on and off states.


The E-commerce “Add to Cart” button 

Micro-interaction | E-commerce "Add to Cart" button 
E-commerce “Add To Cart” button. Again demonstrates a positive yet satisfying visual feedback to the user.


Toggle Password Visibility Input

Micro-interaction | Toggle Password Visibility Input
A seamless toggle for password input.

Why are micro-interactions so important?

Here at our digital agency, we are firm believers that micro-interactions are super important for any successful user interface, application or website. Here are some of the benefits of using micro-interactions…

  • Builds a better brand
  • Help prevent errors
  • Delivers a better more seamless UX experience
  • Provide visual or audio feedback for the user

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Anton McCoy
Head of Technology