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As the world adapts digitally at a rapid pace, transforming typical behaviours in every area of life, businesses are reimagining what’s possible. The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this exploration and we were founded right in the heart of that furnace.

Istoria Group are champions of sustainability, with our sister business Ignition the 2020 winners of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and holder of several ISO standards. The Group also incorporates an Incubator Hub, supporting promising small businesses in their growth and direction, so it’s part of our culture to gravitate towards more meaningful ways of doing business.

There are many companies whose purpose is to do amazing things and we want to help them on their quest. We are serious about making a difference, so we seek to work with purpose-driven brands who value as we do the importance of data, insights, and continual learning to create a positive impact on customers, staff, businesses and the wider society.

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