Pfizer case study


Celebrating success and planning for a post-COVID future

We created a layer of personalised interactivity that contextualised the key themes, implementing an area for leaders to recount their own personal experiences, grounding the content with a human touch.

The Brief


Pfizer makes some of the world’s most sophisticated, lifesaving therapies and rely on the expertise of their talented and passionate Pfizer Global Supply (PGS) colleagues.

Their 42 manufacturing sites globally, which support Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group, provide hundreds of different medicines and vaccines to patients in more than 125 countries – something that has had a huge impact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Being such a critical part of the organisation, communicating the PSG 2025 vision to key leadership was a high priority to ensure future success.

The need

Emerging from a two year hiatus, Pfizer’s annual leadership meeting for the Global Supply Chain was an event where they shared their 2025 Vision for the EMEA.

They were looking for support in providing an engaging out-of-the-ordinary experience that stands out from the usual webinars and counteracted Zoom fatigue from a year’s worth of lockdown, where they could educate and inform their leaders.

Our challenge

It was time to break the norm and provide something that was different from what they had become accustomed to – it was clear that people were looking for more than just another webinar.

Our aim was to create an experience that over-delivered, something that provided more information and resources… something that allowed people to connect with the content on a personal level.

The concept

We aimed at providing an experience that felt better than your usual physical event at a hotel. We wanted the audience to feel impressed on arrival, keen to learn more and confident that their ideas and opinions were very much part of the outcome, rather than just being fed financial results or being talked at.

Therefore we took the event’s five key themes and used them to lead the user through the the experience, using profiling tactics to gage and evaluate the perceptions and opinion on the content and inform the client as to how they altered as the event’s content was consumed.

We incorporated their existing vendor’s technology that covered the webinar element and then provided strategic direction on how the content was to be consumed. We created a layer of personalised interactivity that contextualised the key themes, implementing an area for leaders to recount their own personal experiences, grounding the content with a human touch.

  • Event management
  • Pre-event engagement
  • Assistance with content development and event personalisation
  • Scripts, support materials, speaker prep and coaching
  • Video production, streaming and animation
  • Event branding
  • Web platform that centered around user-generated content
  • User profiling against key content themes
  • Integration of 3rd party event platform, Glisser
Voices heard


An important part of the project was to leverage audience feedback throughout the three day event. To capture this, we released time-sensitive questions for the users to answer allowing Pfizer to measure the level of understanding and affinity to the 5 key pillars of the 2025 Vision. To accompany this, we enabled users to be able to recount their own stories of the key pillars in action, where others could like and contribute too.

Pfizer colour palette
Pfizer design system
Responsive design


The user experience is always paramount in our planning and this project was no exception. Working closely with our Pfizer stakeholders, we translated the brand into a virtual space that was different to what anyone had seen before, combing a 3D environment that could scale with ease for any future iterations.

The results

Users were able to pick and choose joining sessions; the high average attendance combined with the average number of sessions culminated in it being one of our most successful events in terms of our scoring criteria (9.75/10). 

The client-agency relationship was a perfect blend of autonomy and collaboration enabling us to pursue the user-driven personalised approach to content surfacing.

Content engagement
Bounce rate
Sessions PU
Av. sessions attended
Attendance rate
Av. UGC likes
  We had a level of co-operation which was trust-based, friendly, tireless and impeccable in the outcome. Not only was this true for the internal team working side by side with the team, but also for the event guests who were utterly surprised with the level of professionalism and care for the detail.  

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