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We’re part of a close-knit family

Tiny Spark are proud to be part of the Istoria Group, who are champions of sustainability and are a Certified B Corporation®. Our sister business Ignition are the 2020 winners of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development and holder of several ISO standards. The Group also incorporates an Incubator Hub, supporting promising small businesses in their growth and direction, so it’s part of our culture to gravitate towards more meaningful ways of doing business.

We love to solve business problems by understanding what customers think, feel and do. Our creativity, innovation and technical excellence allow us to provide an engaging and cost-effective way to deliver key messages and content to your audience.

It’s hugely important to us to build close relationships with our clients. We want to forge a partnership that fosters collaboration and enables creativity.

We question

We need to get to know you (and your audience). That means a lot of questions and poking around to ensure we feel like we’re part of your team so we understand what you need.

We hypothesise

Then it’s time to throw some ideas around and work out what kind of solution can make a difference to you and your audience.

We collaborate

Will our ideas work? That’s where we work with you to ensure no stone is left unturned. That might mean working directly with you, an IT team or your customers.

We test

There’s nothing like evidence to prove we’re on the right track, so prototyping and testing means hitting the nail on the head is much more likely.

We create

Now it’s time to get to work and create what we’ve all been working so hard towards. Heads down, our experts deliver time and time again.

We measure

When it’s time to look at the results, we’ll always try and look forward, rather than back – how do we improve and add value moving forwards?

Purposeful digital engagement

Purpose. People. Profit.

There are many companies whose purpose is to do amazing things and we want to help them on their quest. We are serious about making a difference, so we seek to work with purpose-driven brands who value the importance of data, insights, and continual learning to create a positive impact on customers, staff, businesses and the wider society.

Please contact us to find out about how we like to give back, including our 30% discount for registered charitable organisations.

Key People

  • Helen Mitchell
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Helen has over 20 years’ experience in client services, having led a number of award-winning accounts including Google, Barbour and UPS. Helen is dedicated to making a difference and looking for strategic and creative solutions to produce great outputs that all can be proud of.
  • Alex Saxon
    Digital Director
    From strategy to implementation, Alex heads up the digital team of thinkers, innovators and technologists. He uses his 23 years’ experience to combine craft and creativity, ensuring our projects have both form and function and place the audience at the heart of everything we do.
  • Claire Marshall
    Account Director
    Claire has over 20 years’ experience in client services, with extensive experience in multi-sector digital marketing and solutions. Predominantly SEO, personalisation, web and app development and strategy. Claire is dedicated to client satisfaction and looking for strategic and digital solutions to solve a challenge or meet a business need. Acting as client champion Claire ensures client needs, expectations and objectives are met and value is delivered at all times. Claire will be the main contact to ensure quality, delivery and budget management. She will lead the client onboarding process and keep you up-to-date with progress and attend client meetings.
  • Anton McCoy
    Head of Technology
    Anton has worked in the digital agency world for over 20 years. His background includes working with the BBC, the UK Home Office, HMRC, the Healthcare Commission and Kia. Anton’s mission is to make digital offerings accessible, usable and suitable for all, with end-user needs and requirements in mind at all times.
  • Sam St Aubyn
    Senior Developer
    With over six years of experience as a Frontend Web Developer in agency settings and a foundation in graphic design, Sam’s development is centred within design. He brings this into play with contemporary web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. His dedicated focus involves utilising modern frameworks and technologies to construct interactive and compelling websites and applications that provide the best digital experiences.
  • Ben Laine-Toner
    Business Analyst
    With over 18 years’ experience working in digital teams, Ben provides clarity of approach for everyone across the project team. Analytical and with a desire to create the best functional experiences for the user, he combines a pragmatic approach and business-centred understanding.
  • Chloe Marquand
    Chloe has worked on an array of projects for the likes of Nescafé, Man City, Vitality Health and Starbucks, working on website, app, animation and branding projects.
Tiny Spark at work
Learn about what we do and how we do it

Learn about what we do and how we do it