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Link building ensures optimal link quality to build your website’s presence in search engines.

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What is link building

What is link building?

Link building is the process of getting other websites to backlink (link) to pages on your website. The benefits of link-building are:

  • Allows you to control relevant links from external site to your website
  • Increasing the number of high-quality links pointing to your website
  • Boosts your search engine visibility (rankings) for your website pages when high-quality links are acquired

The reason this is a key part of SEO marketing efforts is that backlinks are one of the best ways to determine the quality of a webpage.

Links with authority

Links with authority

Not all links are of equal value, which is why high-quality links are sought after. This is because authoritative pages pass more authority (a.k.a PageRank) to your website than low authority pages. Google does not share their PageRank information but it is a key factor in their organic search algorithm that ranks websites included in their search engine results page (SERPs).

The authority of a website will determine the link quality. A link from a website such as would have a larger impact than a link from a mostly unknown blog site.



Authority of a link used to be all that matters. Google now states that relevancy of the linking site’s theme in relation to your website is more important. For example, let’s say you run a florist website and you acquire a link from an authoritative site which sells car parts; this wont be as valuable as receiving a link from a site closely related to yours.

Our link building approach

Our approach to link building strategy is holistic. We review your competitors as well as your website to identify your current link landscape. After further research we then produce a map of links you need to acquire to improve the visibility of your website in Google’s rankings.

Any issue we uncover on your website via a healthcheck, where links may be impacting your visibility, we would carry out a full backlink audit and generate a disavow file for you to upload to your Google Search Console.

We acquire only trusted quality backlinks to ensure your website is protected from search engine penalties by building links in a safe and sustainable way.

SEO Report

SEO Audit report

As part of our SEO audit we would carry out a backlink healthcheck to make sure your website’s profile is not impeding its ranking progress. The findings of the audit and your business objectives would be used to produce our recommendations as to the SEO services to be invested in and which are a priority to provide quick-wins and those for longer-term gains.

The audit report will prioritise the most pressing issues. and ensuring the website meets Google’s guidelines. We can of course provide further support with the implementation of the recommendations via a retainer or one-off project.


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