Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is the first step towards ensuring your website is operating efficiently and contributing towards your business goals.

Improving SEO performance
SEO approach

What's included in an
SEO Audit?

The SEO audit process starts with a conversation with you to discuss your business priorities and understand your sector and target audience; as no-one knows your business and its customers better.

A technical SEO audit is then completed to analyse your website’s technical setup and establish how well the website is performing against your business objectives and Google’s SEO best practice guidelines.

The audit also includes a review of website content and keywords being used to attract your target audience.

We deliver our audit findings and recommendations to you in a report format. What is included in the audit report is outlined below.

SEO Audit tests and checks

To identify issues potentially hidden in how your website has been designed function, we run a series of tests and checks as part of the audit which includes:

  • Speed optimisation
  • Crawlability
  • Excessive https requests
  • Server log analysis
  • Index management
  • Unoptimised images
  • Schema mark-up
  • Sitemap
  • Keyword analysis and targeting
  • Meta data analysis
  • Content optimisation
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Page architecture
  • Image & video alt tags
  • 4XX errors
  • Robots.txt
SEO Report

SEO Audit Report

The findings of the audit and your business objectives would be used to produce our recommendations as to the SEO services to be invested in and which are a priority to provide quick-wins and those for longer-term gains.

Recommendations will provide actionable tasks to improve your website’s performance. The tasks will be a mix of technical and content amendments/additions.

The audit report will prioritise the most pressing issues. and ensuring the website meets Google’s guidelines. We can of course provide further support with the implementation of the recommendations via a retainer or one-off project.


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