User testing

Validating the design approach throughout the design phases

User Testing
User testing

User Testing

User Testing allows us to validate the solution that we have designed. We can make changes to the prototypes after a round of testing and then retest to further improve on the solution design.

We ask users to carry out a set of activities (based on user journeys that we have identified) and ensure that the users can easily carry out those steps.

It is easier to make these tweaks and fundamental changes at this point in the project than if we were tested after the development. With User Testing, validation of the approach is the name of the game.



User testing can be carried out in a number of ways. If at the very start of the UX design process, this could be paper designs, where printed-out wireframes can be used to ask users to explain how they would navigate between ‘pages’, where they would expect to carry out a function or find a topic.

If digital prototypes have been created, these can be used to allow the users to navigate around the elements being tested more naturally, making this the ideal way to carry out user testing.

Key take away

Key take away

Being able to validate that we are on the right path at this early stage allows us to provide assurance to stakeholders that the solution will meet their user needs and that the project has a good chance of meeting it’s KPIs.

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