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From creating wireframe to designing interactive prototypes, we can help get your project off the ground.

UX Design
Blocking out

Blocking out

Initially, we focus on the hierarchy of content on pages and work through what calls to action (CTA) to apply, providing a user path that meets their needs and the messaging/proposition that your brand needs to convey.

This begins with blocking out pages at a low fidelity. Once we are aligned on this structure, we begin to add detail, showing how the content will be set out.


DX approach

Digital experience approach

Bringing a DX approach to the wire-framing, we consider all potential ‘states’, and begin to design the functionality at the wireframe stage.

For example, we consider the design of form elements and conditional logic, or simply how a list view will handle longer titles and short/long descriptive copy.




The wireframes can be turned into navigable prototypes for user testing, allowing us to validate that the UX design will meet your user’s needs. It is better to validate during the design phase, as changes can be implemented before any development.

This reduces both risk and development costs, versus carrying out tests on a developed solution.

Key Take Away

Key take aways

Wireframing allows us to quickly sketch out page content and structure, which allows us to illustrate how sections of content will flow down the page. It is a lot easier to make changes/variations for us to arrive at the final structure than if we went straight into the creation of high-fidelity designs.

User testing allows us to validate early in the project that we are on the right path.

Designing the user experience

Our UX design methodology

Find out more about are UX design methodology, from new projects to help with existing platforms, we can you to maximise the quality of the customer experience.

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