UX research

Through UX research, we understand who your users are and what they need, in order to better design a solution to meet your business needs.

UX Research
User Interviews

User Interviews

The key to understanding who we are designing for, we need to carry out some user research.

This can take the form of surveys, one-to-one interviews or workshops. From this research, we better understand who we are designing for and what is needed. This allows us to avoid assumptions when making design decisions.

Card Sorting

Card Sorting

As part of the research phase, a subject and activity card sorting activity can be carried out, allowing us to better understand user expectations about content groupings and where they would expect functions to be located. We also capture their expectations about how those groupings are named, helping to validate the menu titles.

The benefit of having users carry out the card sort is that it allows us to avoid any biases from stakeholders or the design team.



From the research carried out, we create a set of personas that represent different user types. These set out the differences in objectives between each persona. We use the personas as a reference when making design decisions for the solution.

Creating personas allows for better empathy towards their needs from the design & development teams, as opposed to simply referring to them as user, customer or admin.

It makes them more like real people, which is who we are designing for of course

Research Documents

Additional Research

In addition to the purely qualitative research carried out with prospective users, we also carry out supplementary research where necessary; quantitative or other.

From analysing existing data, UX documentation and competitor reviews, we supplement the qualitative research tasks to provide the project with all that we need to understand how best to design the solution.

Key Take Away

Key take away

Research allows us to avoid making any assumptions about what your users need for the project. We understand their motivations and objectives which allows us to design a better solution than if we had skipped the research phase.

Designing the user experience

Our UX design methodology

Find out more about are UX design methodology, from new projects to help with existing platforms, we can you to maximise the quality of the customer experience.

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