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A revitalised web presence and SEO to assist with growth

Clue Software, A SaaS investigation and intelligence management product, approached us while they were going through an investment sourcing process to help scale their business with a revitalised web presence.

Clue software SEO case study

The Brief


Our primary objective for the website was to support new business acquisition by effectively presenting their service offering, enabling prospects to quickly appreciate how Clue will improve their investigation effectiveness. It was important to illustrate the extensive support provided to existing customers too, both in terms of account support, product updates and involvement with the Clue Community.

The need

Utilising the new brand guidelines created by our friends at Talisman Sparro, we needed to design a website that took the beautiful new brand and apply it to some sound information architecture, so users were aware of the depth and breadth of services Clue offer to the various sectors and communities they work with.

Our challenge

We had to review the existing CMS deployment and recommend the best technical solution to meet admin needs, ensuring it was easy to maintain and that site security and additional functional features were considered. Search engine optimisation was also crucial, as was a plan for implementing the integration of their CRM programme via SalesForce.

Clue website desktop design

Translating the new brand

When converting the brand guidelines created by Talisman Sparro into a responsive web design, we utilised Atomic design principles to create a row-based system that could adapt and grow alongside the client’s needs. By breaking the design down into its fundamental components and building it up from there, we were able to create a scalable and flexible solution that allowed for easy customisation, while maintaining a consistent visual language. This approach ensured that the final design aligned perfectly with the client’s branding and helped them effectively communicate their message to their audience at the touch of a button via the CMS.

Clue software website before Clue software website after
Clue globe

Engaging content

By incorporating user experience design principles while laying out the content rows, we were able to create an engaging content journey for the target audience. Using visual hierarchy to draw attention to the most important content, we combined colourful impact while paying close attention to the readability and accessibility of the content, all with an eye on Search Engine optimisation.

Clue mobile design
Content design & IA

Continual improvement

As Clue continue to create unique, informative content that uses keywords naturally, we have been optimising page load speeds and working on page re-directs to help increase rankings. We’ve also been continually building high-quality backlinks to the site from related organisations and resources, helping to establish the site’s authority and credibility, regularly monitoring and analysing the site’s performance and adjusting Clue’s SEO tactics as needed to maintain and improve search engine visibility over time.

Proven results

We strategically approached the search optimisation task by integrating tried and tested tactics that would best improve search engine visibility… From keyword research (to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for the client’s industry) to optimising the content (to ensure that it was both relevant and high-quality), our aim was to provide value to users and search engines alike!

Increase in organic traffic
Impressions increase
Increase in clicks
Increase in sessions
Trust flow increase
Domain authority increase
  Tiny Spark helped us bring our brand to life online, from translating our new guidelines into a website that not only felt intuitive and easy to use, but delivered increased traffic via their SEO support.  

Director of Marketing, Clue Software

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