Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step towards ensuring your website content is useful for your target audience.

Keyword research
Content Audit

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process of identifying words and multi-word phrases (keywords) that people use as search terms in search engines.

The analysis of any existing website content and the keywords used within to target your audience would also be analysed as part of the research.

The results of this process allows you to understand the search behaviours and intent of your target audience.

Understanding how your website content is optimised using keywords and currently performs allows you to identify where improvements can be made.

Having insight into users intent via the keywords that are most relevant to your product, service or content types allows you to spot opportunity to amend or create new content to appeal to your target audience.

The keyword research can then be used to inform your content strategy, both of which are key components of SEO.

Improving SEO performance

Keyword research

As part of our SEO Audit we would carry out keyword research to evaluate your existing keyword rankings and the most important pages on your website. We would include competitor research via search queries that they are ranking for to provide potential keyword opportunities for your website.

Before we started the SEO audit we would discuss your business goals and target audience so we understand what you are trying to achieve and what audience we should have front of mind whilst carrying out our keyword research.

Content audit

Content audit

Find out more about content audits which outline how to optimise your website for search engines but most importantly your target audience.