Content design & IA

These services are about the content that we use...and how that content is organised.

Content design & IA
Information architecture

Information Architecture

Information architecture (IA) focuses on how the content within a digital solution is organised. We start by analysing your existing or planned content, grouping and segmenting it in order to place content in the most logical and intuitive location for the user.

This Card Sorting activity allows us to illustrate the analysis of your content and this feeds into the sitemap/structure. As part of this activity, we use our findings from the User Research to suggest changes and additions to your content to better meet user needs.

Content Design

Content Design

Content Design is a combination of disciplines brought together to provide a holistic approach to the creation of content. Copywriting, Image and video selection are combined to create the content that will communicate your brand proposition to users.

From copywriting to the wording of titles, buttons and calls to action, the focus is on helping to keep the solution easy to use, simple and intuitive.

Key Take Away

Key take away

We help to ensure that content is located where the user expects.

Taking a UX approach to the content & copy will make the navigation and comprehension of your message as successful as possible. In addition, the importance of image selection that matches your branding and tone of voice cannot be underestimated.

Designing the user experience

Our UX design methodology

Find out more about are UX design methodology, from new projects to help with existing platforms, we can you to maximise the quality of the customer experience.

Success stories

We've helped numerous clients enhance their UX through research and wire-framing all the way through to developing feature rich websites. Get in touch if you'd like our help

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