Search Engine Optimisation

To maximise your website’s performance and improve the user experience for your target audiences, our SEO approach is to understand your business goals, audit your website and review your key competitors websites to identify competitor advantage.

Why is SEO important?

Why is SEO important?

You can be certain most if not all of your key competitors are investing in SEO to ensure their website(s) are visible (ranking highly) in search results for keywords used by your target audiences.

Best practice SEO applies to all websites regardless of sector.  To rank well on search engines, every website’s search engine optimisation (SEO) challenges are unique and require dedicated experts to make a significant positive impact. Our SEO services can be provided for any website regardless of whether we have designed and developed it.

Improving SEO performance

Improving SEO performance

Our SEO experts can help diagnose and resolve issues that may be impairing your website’s visibility causing your website to underperform and contribute minimally to your business goals.

Website ranking performance is influenced by factors such as site architecture or the content management system (CMS) used, keywords in the page copy and many more. In fact, Google’s organic search algorithm currently considers over 200 ranking factors to rank websites included in their search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO approach

Our SEO approach

Our objective for every client is to improve your website’s SEO performance. We want to ensure your website pages (those you want in the public domain) are visible in the search results and safeguard them from any penalties.

As much as we want the search engines to rate your website highly, who truly matters are your target audience. Search experience optimisation, a different way of looking at SEO, is where we look at what keywords you are currently targeting, and are these the best ones to focus your content on?

We can research keywords relevant to brand building or sales activation to ensure that your website content is optimised for your customer’s intent on their buying journey.

Our SEO Services

To grow your business through organic search, it is important to improve your SEO performance.
This can be achieved through a combination of the following SEO services:

Technical SEO Audit

We establish your current SEO performance by analysing your website’s technical setup. Also review content and keywords being used to attract your target audience. Audit recommendations will provide actionable tasks to improve your website’s performance prioritising the most pressing issues. Learn more…

Keyword research & mapping

We evaluate your existing keyword rankings and the most important pages on your website. Competitor research via search queries that they are ranking for to provide potential keyword opportunities for your website. Learn more…

Link building

We acquire only trusted quality backlinks to ensure your website is protected from search engine penalties by building links in a safe and sustainable way. We can also produce a backlink healthcheck to ensure your website’s current backlink profile is not impeding its ranking progress. Learn more…

Content audit & planning

We conduct a thorough analysis of your website pages to identify anything that may cause them to under perform. Audit recommendations will cover optimisation of key pages. Learn more…

User testing

SEO retainer for continued organic growth

Our most popular service is a 12-month SEO retainer where we work closely with your technical and marketing teams. Retainer summary:

  • Tied to your business goals
  • No long-term commitment required, 30-day rolling contract
  • Each month includes audit, strategy, keyword research, backlink healthcheck and more
  • Regular reporting
  • Typical fee range £1.5k – £8k per month
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SEO success with Clue Software

We helped our client, Clue Software, succeed by targeting keywords relevant to their services increasing organic traffic by 98%.

  Tiny Spark helped us bring our brand to life online, from translating our new guidelines into a website that not only felt intuitive and easy to use, but delivered increased traffic via their SEO support.  

Director of Marketing, Clue Software


Metrics to be measured by

Focus on the metrics that matter to uncover the true performance of your technical SEO, Digital PR and content efforts.